349Days ShezPhoto #17 Contorta Filbert in Snow

Snow Enhanced Contorta Filbert

Over the weekend I posted a photo of a small twisted filbert tree with the sun glistening on the bark. This is the same contorta filbert covered in a heavy blanket of snow. It was taken the winter of 2008.

Though I personally like the hints of soft muted colors that snow on dark bark often has, I bowed to the suggestions of my readers and converted this image to black and white. Since the photo was taken on a very dark, overcast day there was little contrast. To bring out the curves and twists I boosted the contrast and this is the result.

I wonder what the shapes of the shadows would have been if the sun was bright that day. Would it have added depth, or taken away from the forms? I think the tree itself is so busy with its playful twists and curls, the shadow would have been too much.

Your thoughts?

PS (Also, spell check told me there should be an “e” on the end of contorta. So I dutifully changed the spelling. Today, it tells me it is spelled wrong so I hopped onto google to verify the spelling: no “e” on the end. Spell check is not up on its botanical names.  😦 )


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2 responses to “349Days ShezPhoto #17 Contorta Filbert in Snow”

  1. xandreverkes says :

    Love this Shez!!!! The shape are really emphasized!!! Well done!!! 🙂 **

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