339Days ShezPhoto #27Catkins Awaken

Evidence of the New Year Arriving

The last of the 2011 leaves are gone, with the exception of some beautiful oak trees that hang onto their mahogany brown leaves until the new growth emerges. Most of the deciduous trees hold their naked branches as stark contrasts to the sky.

The first trees to wake up and get the new year going are the hazelnut trees. They take a short nap during November before donning red bud tips for December. When January arrives, no matter how cold or frozen the world is, they begin to show they are alive. At first they are little tan-colored cotton swabs, growing slowing longer and becoming the tan yellow color. The new spring color begins to show against the frost or the dark of the ground and the leaf buds begin to swell along the branch tips.

Unfortunately I labeled the photo as “Catskins” when they are not skin, they are kin. It takes a trip back to fix it in PhotoShop, best done another day.


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