337Days ShezPhoto #29 Cattails & Frost

Cattails Rise Above Frozen Wetlands

One of the many things that fascinates me are cattails. I don’t know why, but I always love seeing them rise up against the dried grasses in mid winter to disperse they seeds. You can see the fluff exaggerated here by a dusting of frost. Instead of the sleek dark brown velvet of a few weeks ago, these are becoming a lighter brown. In a short while they will lose their coat all together, not unlike the shedding of animals. They scatter their seeds upon to wind to float to yet another pond or wetland to begin a new stand of cattails and red-wing black birds will come to enjoy new habitat.

This little wetland is about 50 feet from our office building. It is home to myriad animal species. Fish, frogs, beaver, coyotes, deer, black birds, gray jays, ducks and Canada geese all inhabit this area.

One of the tags I used today is Nature’s Brilliant Color Pallet, in this case I use the word brilliant as in extremely smart and not as in bright colors. It is interesting that in looking for adjectives to suit the photo it seems that most of them can be used for either color or intelligence. In this case the brilliant use of colors in this pallet are soft greys, tans, and brown broken only with judicious use of soft green, pale gold and muted reds and yellows of some of the bush twigs behind the cattails. The thin ice on the pond emphasizes the smooth areas of unfrozen water.


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