333Days ShezPhoto #33 TinyHummer

Tiny Hummer

This tiny Anna’s Hummingbird perches it the top of the Japanese Maple tree where he stays on constant alert. These little fearless birds are very territorial and ferociously attack any other humming-bird that venture into their territory. They are the smallest of the west coast hummers. When the lighting is right they sport a bright lime green body with a flashy crimson head. On overcast days, like the day this was taken, the feathers have only a hint of color showing on his stomach.

It amazes me that they stay here year round through all the weather changes. My fascination makes me spend undo amounts of time waiting for them with my telephoto on my Canon on a sturdy tripod. I am lucky to have a small balcony on the third floor off my studio. This puts me at eye level. These little guys get so used to my presence that they no longer dart off. Unless of course another hummer flies in too close.

There is a pair of them that nests in the blueberry bushes every year, but we have never found the nest. They do have two tiny babies every summer which they bring to the feeders and protect them fiercely until they are grown and on their own. Then they are no longer welcome at the feeders, either. It is very much a case of them being pushed out and on their own.


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