332Days ShezPhoto #34 Tanker

The Tanker

Tanker Rust and Red

Imprisoned Behind the Chain Link Fence

Tanker Truck - Big Wheel

Tanker Big Mirror

This is the vehicle I saw a couple of days ago. It originally was a fire department water tanker truck, most of the identification has worn off or been sanded off. It is parked at the concrete yard which shares one of the four corners with us. I suspect it is still used to water down the yard to keep the dust down in the summer as the loads of gravel, sand and cement arrive; the ingredients for making concrete. Huge concrete trucks form a continuous line to pick up their loads. Concrete to build buildings, pave roads, build bridges and sidewalks.

The yard is quiet now and almost empty providing me with a great photo opportunity.

I do apologize for posting more than a single photo. Okay, you caught me,  that is not true, I am fibbing to justify more than one photo today.  I almost always take a series of photos and I did not want to drag this out for days posting only one a day. Posting them together is more powerful story from this old truck.

I keep discovering new things to play with on my new camera and I’m having way too much fun. My photo files are filling up very quickly in spite of the fact that only a small portion of each session is saved. I am anxious to share some creative photography taken with built-in filters on the PEN mini.

I hope you enjoy today’s small slice from this week’s gallery.


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