326Days #40 Canada Geese Migrate

Migration Returns

The Canada Geese are returning already. Some barely left last month. On my walk last week I saw hundreds, maybe thousands in queue with massive flocks pooling together  into ever greater flocks. They amaze me as I can often hear them overhead, but in the fog or clouds I do not catch sight of them.

Within a mile of our office there is a Natural Game Preserve where photographers go for amazing photos. The wildlife organization rounds up volunteers for to count the different species and their numbers. They have documented 40,000 Canada Geese in a single day as they migrate south and return north.

A Regal Pair of Canada Geese

When they fly into our back yard pond their beautiful calls sound much more like a pack of barking dogs falling out of the sky and splashing into the water. They make such a commotion it belies the calm grace they show in this photo.


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