325Days #41Rusty Relics

Two Rusty Relics

As you can see these two were once someone’s pride and joy. But here they sit gathering rust by the year. They look forlorn and embarrassed by their present state. Nature is attempting to help by slowly engulfing them in trees, bushes and overgrown grass. I wanted to go closer to pick up some details but they are in a small field next to a home. This is clearly marked no trespassing. If it hadn’t been a short walk on my lunch break I did think about knocking on the door and asking permission to take some photos. There are several other old vehicles here including a very unique camper truck and some old tractor parts.

I do wonder what story these two might share if they could talk. At some point when they were parked for the last time someone had the patience to line them up carefully, before abandoning them forever. The Old Herman Barn sits directly across the street from them. It is as though they patiently they watch each other as they crumble and disintegrate into nothing.

Perhaps it is last  competition to see which is the better truck? Is it the Chevrolet or the Ford??


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