318Days #48 Crossing Into History

“The Crossing Into History”

This is an ironic photo. The railroad track run past this barn. As you see it here the entrance is “gated” with a twist of wire clearly labeled “KEEP OUT” and “NO TRESPASSING.” The irony is this blue painted barn is actually the other half of the Old Herman Barn from a previous post. This half has new siding and a metal clad roof. Though it is modern and dry and painted, it does not have any of the charm or the holes in the roof that the original half of the barn has.

The two photos are a trick of the eye camera shot. When taking the Old Herman shot, I had to watch where I stood to make sure the large fir tree hid the lap of the new roof with the old. In this photo, you cannot see through the trees to see where they meet.

Just beyond the gate you cross into the history of the area. I do think I need to meet the folks that live in the house with the rusty vehicles. I believe they hold the key to the history of this area. I need the story and hope they will be happy to share.

It’s a pity that I thought history was so boring when I was in school.


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