313Days #53Ducks and Marsh Grasses

Colorado Duck Pair

Last weekend we flew into Denver and drove to Colorado Springs. We were there for two nights to spend time with our oldest granddaughter. Her mom had flown in with us. It was a wonderful trip. It was our granddaughter’s final home game ever at Colorado College and she wanted her family there for her. As it turns out, it was also the last day a basketball game would ever be played in that gym. The entire gym complex is under construction/re-construction as soon as the men’s game was over the gym was scheduled for demolition.

Even after being at nearly every one of her basketball games since she began playing at 8 years old, I have to admit I am not a sport photographer. Add in my four athletic children’s years of spots, and thousands of photographs and countless hours at baseball games, swim meets, soccer games, football games, rally, wrestling matches and track meets I have yet to capture what I would call a single good photo. That only increases my awe of sport photo journalists.

But what I do best is nature and old things, buildings, sidewalks and stuff that intrigues me. That list is long, so when I looked out the window on Sunday morning and saw the stunning pair of ducks in the pond. I immediately grabbed my camera and rushed, not outside where it was in the teens, but to the window where capturing a photo without reflections in the window became the ongoing challenge.

The pond was bright blue, the ducks were black and white and the photos were boring. I switched into Dynamic Contrast mode and the result was this stunning photo. I love the soft colors of the marsh grass and the vivid reflections and shadows. There was snow on the ground and the pond edges were frozen.

There are geysers in the pond, I have seen photos, but on the two days we were there we only saw two places when large bubbles erupted . It was like watching a 6 foot wide pot of boiling water. They did their bubbling many times but it was not a great photo-op. The camera didn’t capture any of it.

As to me admitting I love this photo, please remember: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is no accounting for taste, even my own.”

You can leave a comment. Do you like this kind of photo or do you not?



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