314Days #52 Bridge Clues

The Foot Bridge

Oh, rats. This post became a saved draft instead of posting yesterday. This is the post for FEBRUARY 21,2012 

If someone looks at this scene from a few feet away what they see is a foot bridge across a small creek. Looking very closely at something reveals many clues as to what else is there. The clues reveal something about the time of year, the weather and what types of plants grow here.

Up close one does not miss the sun filtering through the trees to create shadows on the slats. One of the tree shadows proves to be a deciduous tree, bare of leaves. It is easy to see the debris from the cedars shedding their old foliage, some dried hazelnut leaves, and several yellow hazelnut catkins with the tell tale yellow pollen powder that puffs out when they fall.

The large green leaves belong to our native Oregon Grape, an evergreen shrub that thrives in the shade of the conifers. The Oregon Grape produces clusters of yellow flowers in spring that turn into tiny, tart, dark blue grapes. Historically Indian medicine men believed in the healing powers of the Oregon Grape as do the Chinese and holistic doctors of today.

On the right the Periwinkle is once again vining beyond it’s bounds and creeping across the bridge to join with the marauding Sweet Woodruff. Both the Periwinkle and the Sweet Woodruff are evergreens that happily grow in the shade of the vine maples and the giant cedar, spruce and Douglas fir that lines the fence row.

The little bridge always beckons me to cross over to the peace and quiet of the other side. It is a calm little oasis in a hectic world. Or perhaps it is where fairies and trolls live along with other magical beings. The things we imagined as children. If they exist, this is where they live.

Can you guess what time of year it is?

And do trolls and fairies live here?

In not, what does?


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