312Days #54 Colorado Springs

Iconic Ironic

There is so much to see in this one photo. The stunning church, the new modern hotel, the old Bell Tower on the right, the Olympic Wrestling ad, a parking lot full of delivery trucks and a guard rail.

This was taken from an overpass at 75 mph, the speed limit in Colorado. I  had noticed this scene on our previous visit a year ago, but at that speed my camera couldn’t focus and would not take a photo. This year when we again passed this scene I wasn’t ready to take a photo but I had my new PEN mini. The next time we passed I had camera in hand and turned on. I managed two photos. One was not very clear and this one is less than perfect.

There is just so much to see from this vantage point but there is no pedestrians allowed so unless there is a complete traffic jam, this is probably the best shot I’ll ever manage. The extreme right hand lane is a turn only lane so there is the ongoing challenge of having a big truck completely blocking the view. Then add the challenge of numerous light and sign posts to dodge. Considering the odds I am pleased with this photo.

The reason we went to Colorado was to spend some time with our  awesome granddaughter Becky. Today we got this link which I am pleased to share with you.


She’s an amazing girl! What’s not to love?


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