305Days #61 Beautiful Antique

Air Vents

Last July our daughter and son-in-law treated Sweet Hubs and me to a day with them at the Art Museum to see the most incredible collection of vintage, extravagant luxury automobiles. Each with a street value of over a million dollars. Many were prototypes and were gorgeous. This particular one of a kind 1932 Italian vehicle was not one I liked. In fact when viewing the entire car, I didn’t really like the lines on the whole thing.

But this section of the hood with the louvered air vents creates a lovely image. At some point you will learn that luxury vehicles are one of my favorite photo subjects. My love affair with them started when I was ten.  I literally have hundreds of photos of them just on my cell phone. Plus memory cards full of them.

Truth to tell, Italian vehicles are my very favorites, though a few English autos are high on my list as well. All are vehicles to adore, but not likely in my price range. And besides, I want a car I can drive.  (Hahaha)

Unfortunately, I did not get the name on this one which was a bad oversight since the photo turned out so well I would love to give full credit to the manufacturer. It was not a name I was familiar with and this may be the only vehicle they ever made.

This collection was so valuable that they let only a few people in at a time and limited the amount of time we could see each vehicle. A guard stayed with us to make certain no one touched the cars. When the cars arrived at the Art Museum, they were rolled into the building, but no one was allowed to touch the car. They had to move it by touching only the rubber on the wheels.

The cars were so exquisite that they did not allow any flash photography. I was so glad to have my cell phone with me, or there would not have been photos. Which begs the question, if a flash of light can harm this auto, does it ever get to go for a spin on the road? Would UV rays prove more harmful than a camera flash? With price tags in the multi-million dollar range I bet they are housed in a well guarded heavy plastic box inside some kind of enormous vault  alarmed and protected from everything.

Would you like to see more of my luxury vehicle photos?




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One response to “305Days #61 Beautiful Antique”

  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    Soooooo shiny!!!! Certainly leaving me wanting to see more!!! 😀 **

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