304Day #62 Portland

Portland is divided by the Willamette River

This shot was taken from one of the many bridges that cross “The River.” The east side of Portland is divided from the west side by the Willamette (pronunciation guide: will am et) River, a major tributary of the Columbia. There are many bridges spanning the Willamette (will-am-et). All are different and each has its own characteristics. Some like the one on the right side are low enough that they lift to allow large ships up the river. Some of the newer ones are tall enough to allow for ships to pass. Some also have track for trains to cross to the other side.

One thing guaranteed to slow traffic and frustrate commuters is a bridge lift. It stops traffic for several minutes as the ship slowly passes and the bridge and the bridge drops back into place. Portland is a very pretty city with walking paths along both side of the river which are favorite places for joggers and bicyclists as well. A flotilla of small boats are moored here with downtown Portland on display in the background. By next month the river will be alive with a colorful flotilla of Dragon Boats with their crew of oarsmen practicing for the annual Dragon races. I will try to get to the river in June to get photos of the boats and crews.

This photo was taken through the car window on a bridge maze from the east side to the west side. This bridge has no pedestrian traffic allowed so this remains a tricky photo to get while dodging lamp posts and bridge pillars and supports and avoiding traffic blocking the view if they are in the right lane. A traffic jam might make for better photography unless a large truck is in the right hand lane or the bridge wall is beside you. In this photo the bridge wall covered nearly a third of the bottom of the photo. It was unique and I liked the effect, but it diverted the attention away from the river, the city and the sky. This photo was significantly cropped  and in order to keep the green bridge on the right hand side in the photo, I left a little of the wall on the left hand lower corner.



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2 responses to “304Day #62 Portland”

  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    I love cityscapes!!!! 🙂 Huge river!!! 🙂 **

    • SL Schildan says :

      Small river. Must get shots of the Columbia both in Portland and at the mouth. It is a big enough river that cargo ships from around the world can navigate 90 miles upriver to unload their cargo containers, automobiles, trucks and whatever else is coming in from around the world. The bridge that spans it at the mouth is 6 miles long.

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