302Days #64″Smilies”

"Smilies" Eclectic Restaurant

This unimpressive from the outside place hides a busy restaurant that boasts homemade everything. Once you crowd into the place you are overwhelmed by the fact that it is noisy with lots and lots of people talking and laughing. There is no squirming through the maze of tables, when you get in the door you are in the line waiting to order. On you way to the front there is ample time to read all (and this is only a tiny sampling) the menus written in chalk on big blackboards. Then check out the decor on the walls, antique baking pans and things. Hanging from the ceiling was an old scale, an old camp coffee pot and creative lighting including the string of Christmas lights with alternate ones with their own shades made of cupcake liners.

The walls were adorned with all sorts of framed paints, framed drawings, and framed eclectic “stuff.” Trying to get photos of all or any of it was almost impossible when I was one of the short people in a crowd. The crowd ranged from a lot of college kids, to their parents, and retired folks, and locals.

Twenty-five minutes later we finally placed our orders and were so happy a table was just opening up and we took our seats. It took another 20 to 30 minutes for our food, but it was worth the wait or maybe that should be “weight.” “Yes,” everyone told people it is always like that so don’t plan on a quick drive through this is NOT fast food.

To help you pass the time they give you a huge mug when you pay and direct you to the self-serve coffee bar. A wire mannequin held court over the coffee in her big hat festooned with many silk flowers. The mannequin also had on a huge collection of necklaces, earrings and beads. No lattes here, just great coffee. Go back for seconds or thirds, no one is counting. A lady I was in line with at the restroom, told me she eats there often and going there “is always a leap of faith that by the time I have ordered and paid, a table will open up and I will have a place to sit.” It seems to work.

How did we find this place so far from home? Our granddaughter told us it was not to be missed. What a treat to have, what we thought would be breakfast but actually was lunch with her and our daughter before we three older ones had to head back to the airport for our trip home.

A funky, fun, and fabulous finale to our short fling in the Rocky mountains.


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