292Days #74 ’90 Ford Bronco

Another photo of what goes where.

I was asked to take photos of everything before they started stripping it all down. Not because of any reason except for them to have reference to what goes where. In this photo it is not the two big hoses they are concerned about where they go, check out the small cables, hoses and wires.

One of many photos to show where things were before the disassembly took place.

Belts, pulleys, wires and brackets.

Old Flathead Six

Stripped of the parts that would be cleaned and re-used, this old bad boy was pulled out of the car. It left a gaping hole that gave them room to clean everything under the hood. Then it was time…

The shiny new engine ready to be installed

New engine with some new parts and  re-used old parts that had been cleaned, sanded, painted and bolted on. The engine is ready to be wrestled into the car. It is a tight fit with only 1″ of room to get it in and not damage anything on the way.

In all it took them three weeks and it was a happy moment when I heard them turn the key and it immediately roared to life. With some tinkering and tweaking it purred like a kitten. Grandson love his vehicle, keeps it shiny clean and takes care of the engine. Nothing like hard work to help a kid appreciate what he has. A great time by both Grandson and Grandpa.

Until tomorrow.




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