286Days #80 Spring

Surprise Crocus Popped Up in our Garden

I’ve got to say, even I am getting “skied” out. It been cold and wet. Spring is arriving in slow motion and with so much grey, grey wing, grey rain, and grey skies I feel like I don’t want another photo of a lot of gorgeous, or colorful, or angry or grey clouds. For this year I have had my fill.

The flowers start to bloom, but get sent back to the deep freeze. It was such a delightful surprise to find this little stand of crocus in our daffodil and tulip bed. What is so surprising was not only that it was drop dead gorgeous and a little ray of sun slipped out to make it shine but we did not plant this. I just appeared.

Our stands of daffodils that a month ago looked like they would pop out any day, are still hibernating with the exception of these few brave miniature Te Tete variety. Only a few made it through their muddy beds to cheer us up.

Miniature Daffodils Finally Bloom.

The following day we awoke to snow. Not lots of it but enough to feel like walking into a refrigerator. Of course it made some early morning photography a great way to start the day. I had to dash out quick as soon as it was light, because the snow would melt quickly.

Snowfall in March

Surprisingly it snowed hard all day alternating between rain, sleet and hail in any combination. The snow never did pile up, but there was evidence of it for a couple of mornings on the north side of roofs and in the shadow of buildings. The flowers went back for a nap.

Chestnut Backed Chickadee

The lingering cold had lots of little birds taking turns at the feeder. All of them are so busy it is nearly impossible to get a shot of one just being still. Flying with this flock of chickadees were black-capped chickadees, ruby breasted nuthatches, and golden crowned kinglets. A busy little group all in perpetual motion.

We had one visitor who was a bit upset by all the commotion.

Hey! Hey! Hey! They are eating all the seeds. I want the seeds.

He left when I stood guard, but as soon as the rain forced me back in the house the little acrobat would immediately slide himself down the feeder and hog the seeds. That left food on the ground for the little song sparrows, the black-eyed Juncos and the ducks.

So there has been a promise of spring but the weather service has posted another warning for snow. This year it’s best to dress in layers and be prepared for anything from sun to monsoons to fierce wind to snow.


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In a nut-shell (nut-case?): Photographer, illustrator, writer, passionate DIY enthusiast, wife, mother, grandmother. I love learning new things and anything that is creative: sewing upholstery or dresses, painting walls or art, building dolls or walls, cooking and cake decorating, knitting or wiring. By day I am a small manufacturing business owner, operator, partner. I am Totally Random Shez.

2 responses to “286Days #80 Spring”

  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Shez!!! So beautiful how the pleasures of spring is creeping out on your side of the world!!! All the colour makes me so excited… 😉 **

    • Shari L Schildan says :

      Oh thank you Xandre. It has been snowing hard for the past 5 hours. It is a couple of degrees above freezing or we would have a foot of it out there. Instead we have only about an inch. This is so rare to have snow at all in March. There is a first for everything. I just went out and got a few photos to post tomorrow. 😀

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