285Days #81 Duke of The House

Smart, Soft and Fuzzy

This kitty was born at my house and is awesome. He is smart and he likes to pull pranks. His favorite trick is to clean everything off the living room table while you are telling him “no.” He just looks at whoever, smiles and pushes faster if anyone tries to stop him.

For instance one Christmas he decided to eat the red roses on the credenza table. My mother scolded him, he looked at her and went after a rose. She got up. He put his paws around the large vase and started to push it toward the edge. The closer she got the more he pushed. I told her to sit down and turn her back to him. She did. He left everything alone.

She looked back at him and he repeated the action of planning to eat the roses, etc. It was at that point she realized he had her. He knew he was faster than she. And the closer she got, the more determined he was to push to whole thing off.

Mom backed off. Duke sat down beside the roses. I wandered by and took him off the table. He trotted off to the other room, looking back over his shoulder at mom and actually laughing at her.

He weighed all of 3 ounces at birth but grew to be a big cat, about 16 pounds and 32 inches long from nose to tail. Silky white trims his black and brown striped fur. Some of the hair on his back is over 4 inches long. His fur is extraordinarily soft and smooth feeling. A face mask, a ringed tail and raked body give him a raccoon appearance. He lopes through the house looking for someone or something to terrorize. His victim is often his mother.

If things aren’t to his liking he comes in a complains. Other times he just talks because he is happy to visit. He has been known to go push a flash light off the cupboard and push it in to where I am. He will push it to mine or Sweet Hub’s feet and then look up and make noises. It means he wants someone to turn on the pointer part of the light, the little red beam so he can chase it.

This is Duke. He is mine. Except his take on it is I am his number 1 servant. It is the way of cats.

Did you have pets when you were a child? Do you have any pets now? Does one stand out as a favorite pet?




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2 responses to “285Days #81 Duke of The House”

  1. Sarah says :

    I have one related to him, though much smaller! He likes to play fetch and hide and seek. And to sleep on the tallest thing he can get to, so he can observe everything around him from a safe vantage point.

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