261Days #105 Plum Blossom

Plum Blossoms

After a very long hibernation this spring our plum tree finally burst into bloom. It was lovely but short-lived; the rains, hail and wind returned to batter the blooms. Delicate, fragrant and beautiful the blooms are more than a visual treat. When the leaves on this variety are fully open they are a deep burgundy like the wine.

Sunny, no wind and very pleasant at the beach today. A nice and much appreciated little weekend get-away for us, with photo ops everywhere I look. What a great way to spend a couple of days. With luck I will share a gallery of the best photos with you tomorrow.





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In a nut-shell (nut-case?): Photographer, illustrator, writer, passionate DIY enthusiast, wife, mother, grandmother. I love learning new things and anything that is creative: sewing upholstery or dresses, painting walls or art, building dolls or walls, cooking and cake decorating, knitting or wiring. By day I am a small manufacturing business owner, operator, partner. I am Totally Random Shez.

2 responses to “261Days #105 Plum Blossom”

  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    Great DoF… Love how your flower photos are coming out!!! Gorgeous!! 🙂 **

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