253Days #113 Earth Day

For Earth Day I went to find the “perfect” photo for today. It should be such an easy thing because every living, breathing or growing thing outdoors reflects an honor for the day. But it was difficult to find one symbol for Earth Day. The rows of tulips, the daffodils int the medians of the highway, the rhododendrons dotting the manicured building didn’t tell the story. As I crossed the Tualatin River in Tualatin Oregon I felt river told the story.

Tualatin River, Tualatin Oregon, Earth Day 2012

The still water reflecting the life above it is a symbol of the importance water has on the Earth. The day was slightly foggy which created an almost eerie feel to the day and the tiny bit of mist created soft reflections. There were no animals that I saw but the rebirth of the new season was evident in the bright green new growth appearing in the landscape.

Tualatin River watershed, new growth in the big leaf maple trees

Focusing closer the new growth of the Big Leaf Maple is easy to identify.

This shot reveals the water and reflected trees while allowing the bright greens of new growth of the trees to be clearly seen.

Cascade of maple flowers in a bright lime green light up the scene

Focusing in closer the new growth of the Big Leaf Maple is easy to identify. The cascades of pollen bearing lime green flowers appear first. The leaf buds are encased in red and break open allowing the new leaves to spill forth. Big Leaf Maple is a native specie in Oregon and so named by the fact that the leaves grow to be eight to twelve inches across.

Macro shot of the lime green flowers, the red cover breaks open, the leaves emerge

Big Leaf Maple flower cascades and red buds opening to release green leaves

This last version allows all parts from the smooth bark to the cascade of flowers to the red leaf cases. Some of the leafs are shown as they emerge. The have a distinct five lobe shape, with each lobe ending in a point as the edges scallop from lobe to lobe. The are beautiful leafs turning into a rich green through the summer. Beginning in late September they turn golden and tan. They fall and cover everything with their nutrient rich golden tan mulch.

Landscapers hate them, but if they just distributed them onto the flowers beds in the fall, they would protect the roots from the winter chills, breakdown in the winter rains, and leave the soil below nutrient rich for the growing season.

So that is my Earth Day speech. I turn this soap box over to anyone else who wants to weigh in on how we need to care for our Earth and simple ways to do it.





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5 responses to “253Days #113 Earth Day”

  1. SKEdazzles ~ A Lifestyle/Photo/Travel Blog says :

    I love the Big Maple Leaf flower ~ beautiful.

  2. Xandré Verkes says :

    Very fitting for Earth day Shez!!! 🙂 **

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