251Days #115 Red Sunset Friday the 13th

With hundreds of photos from April 13, 2012, I am must post more from that same evening. So many great opportunities within a two-hour window, the sights changing second by second. The first set published on April 16 can be viewed on this blog. Link will be posted at the bottom.

This second set is as the sky turned from the silver and gold of the pre-sunset to the red, orange and black as the sun dipped ever closer to the horizon.

As the Sky turn red one gull flies past the setting sun.

The sky is deep red, the clouds black with red reflections, one gull flies past the sun.

It took time and patience to capture this gull just the second he came past the sun. A split second earlier and he was lost in the brilliance  of the sun, a fraction of a second later  he would no longer be the star.

The bottom of the sun touches the horizon in a riotous display of red.

The sun nearly touches the horizon, in mere seconds it will completely drop out of view.

I loved the way the sun casts it light in perfect circles like a red and gold rainbow both above the ocean and onto the ocean.

The sun touches the horizon The blaze of red the ocean in silhouette.

The stunning coloring of red and black at the moment the sun touches the horizon creates an amazing image.

It is at this point you need a very fast shutter and a quick finger on the trigger. In burst mode each photo will show a different amount of sun.

A fraction of a second later the clouds take on the brilliant red of the sun

As the sun slips lower the clouds color red and reflect the sun's color onto the ocean

Just as I thought the show was over, the sun was lower enough to reflect onto the clouds and the clouds reflected the glorious colors back onto the ocean. The color show was not over, it was getting more beautiful.

The sky changes to golds and oranges and the last sliver of sun is mirrored in the window.

Once again the colors change with some purples appears in the sky with the orange and gold.

Only a spec of the sun is still above the horizon. I caught it here mirrored in the windows. The many people on the beach appear as silhouettes against the red of the sea. The dog is clearly reflected onto the wet sand.

The third set will show the light changes as the evening progresses.  You can see the first half of the sunset here:    http://wp.me/p26SoR-gJ

They are the early portion of the Friday the 13th sunset show.

Enjoy your surroundings.




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7 responses to “251Days #115 Red Sunset Friday the 13th”

  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    Beautiful!! 🙂 **

  2. Kevin Alexander says :

    Wonderful Photos. The reflections on the last photo is amazing!

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