240Days #126 Great Blue Heron

Both Tall Grasses and Great Blue Heron are reflected in the water

Reflections of the Great Blue Heron and the tall grasses.

Great Blue Heron wades in the water lilly pads

As winter approaches the lilly pads turn red and the heron hunts for scarce bits of live food.

In the spring the heron’s favorite food is ducklings. He swoops down to scare and scatter them. In the confusion, he snags one. And later another one. We try to keep in scared off and could not figure out how he always knew when mama brought the ducks to the pond. Finally one day I found out how he managed such trickery.

Great Blue Heron hiding in a huge Douglas Fir tree.

The heron hides in this huge Fir tree in our yard.

The tree is enormous with a diameter of at least 36 inches. I sit at the corner of our deck and we never thought to look up there for it. Once it was spotted, I took my Cannon up on the balcony where I could actually get a shot. I tried to scare him, but was unsuccessful. My husband came up to the balcony and went through a pitching motion and the big guy took off.

Great Blue Heron takes off in flight

He just lifted out of the tree and I was happy to catch him in motion.

The way to tell the difference between a heron and egret in flight is the heron tucks his neck in and the egret stretches his out. In this photo the heron had just lunged off out of the tree and he used his powerful body to launch. He had not yet retracted his neck. No different from an airplane that retracts its wheels once it is air born. With a six-foot wing span he is out of sight with only a few pulls of his wings.

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I’m off to fix some yummy Mexican fare for dinner. Hubs is already drooling, too. Or maybe he’s not drooling, he is outside pressure washing the house, it could just be some spray-back. 😉




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