232Days #134 Mother’s Day

Mother Duck takes her 9 ducklings to the water on their first day of life

Mother Duck Nine Ducklings

The ducklings arrived a week early this year. Usually their mother brings them to the water to swim and eat within hours after they are hatched. They appear on within a few days of Mother’s Day every year. This year they were one week early and arrived last Sunday. They were feeding at the edge of the water when Mama Duck saw me. She immediately huddled her babies together and headed them away from me. They follow her with amazing speed.

Within a few minutes Mama Duck recognized I was no danger to her or her babies and she brought them back to the water lilies to eat and let her little ones scurry around hunting for bugs to eat.

Mama Duck dives into her first food since she began to incubate the eggs.

When Mama Duck’s head disappeared under water, the ducklings immediately began gobbling bugs. They instinctively know to chase, catch and eat the bugs found in the Lilly pads.

The mother duck has had little to eat for the 28 days she has sat on her nest. Her mate goes to get her every evening and she comes to the water to drink and get a quick snack. The male stays close to her and at full alert he watches and listens for any danger. The male does not take part in looking after his ducklings but does stay fairly close to his mate until fall when they migrate south.

I had a wonderful day, actually a wonderful weekend working outside in the yard a bit, getting housework done and spending some great time with two of my girls and their husbands.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. In some parts of the world it is already is tomorrow as I am heading to bed.






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2 responses to “232Days #134 Mother’s Day”

  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    This is so cute…. And a great story to accompany it with!!! Thanks Shez!! 🙂 **

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