220Days #146 Primary Colors

In the “stuff” caddy by the phone were a pair of red scissors, yellow scissors and a bright blue note pad.

This post is all thanks to Nick Mayo who started taking photos of groupings of primary colors. I started looking around and discovered them everywhere. I ruled out taking photos of signs, have the fast food places have signs and even buildings in that bright color scheme. But once I started looking it was amazing what I found. Two photos on previous posts featured the IKEA flags and a grouping of potted plants at Home Depot.

The above photo subject was found in the junk caddy that sits by our kitchen phone. There are these three things, plus random receipts, a navy blue address book, coupons (most of them expired), maps, brochures, and odd assorted stuff. Things like nuts and bolts, rivets, coins and if we are really lucky a pen that actually writes when we retrieve a phone message and need to write something down.

I also found a grouping on my desk at work , scissors, pens and a tape measure. Not interesting just primary. So I decided to kick it up a notch and try to get a photo of three vehicles together in one photo. That became a really big challenge.  Often I could see them, but they were not lining up close enough for a photo. I did get the next two photos on a single day a couple of weeks ago.

Yellow school bus, a blue car and a person in a blue jacket, a red car and a man in a red shirt.

In desperation I decided any vehicle would work. So we have the yellow school bus with both a blue car and a red car plus the added bonus of a blue jacket and a guy in a red shirt.

So this was the best I could do after several days of trying. It bested the red and the blue car in a parking lot with heavy-duty yellow paving equipment parked in the background. It wasn’t long before both Sweet Hubs and Grandson joined in the hunt. We could find them, but on more than one occasion by the time the third car got close enough to make it into a single shot, either another car was in the way, one of the cars turned or one of the vehicles was hidden by the third on.

So on I pushed, and found them in front of us long enough for a shot. The result is next.

Traffic heading home had three  vehicles each in a different primary color.

Not the best shot in the world, but at least I had fulfilled my quest to get a photo with one vehicle in each of the three primary colors on the road at the same time.

Of course I had my standards that the red had to be primary red, not red-orange, burgundy or any shade in between. The yellow had to be true yellow and the school bus really was not a true yellow. And the blue could not be baby blue, cloud blue, turquoise blue, silver blue or navy. It had to be bright. The truck in the right lane is pretty close. But still not perfect. So my mission was not complete.

A row of cars in the primary colors of yellow, red and blue.

The cars were good, the colors were nearly perfect, but darn it they are parked, at the bank. I took the shot anyway.

So there you have it. I did get a reasonable shot in Colorado, but it’s too late to edit and post it tonight. Since it was raining I think it might take a bit of Photoshop time to even make it usable. Primary Colors Part 2 should be up soon.

What have you been working on? Are any of you setting a challenge for yourself just because? Since I have a short attention span, I do get side-tracked by a few hundred other photos along the way. That makes the quest to locate them all a challenge in itself.

Have fun holiday weekend. We have even been promised a nice day or two out of the three, but we will see.

Have a great holiday.




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2 responses to “220Days #146 Primary Colors”

  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    I am quite enjoying this primary colour quest you have going on Shez!!! So much fun!! 🙂 **

    • Shez says :

      Thank you, Xandre. I have been having so much fun with it. A silly thing but deciding on a theme of any kind and it is incredible how many of whatever you will notice. 😀

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