219Days #147 Toddler Takes Off

Toddler wants to go climb the big rocks and runs toward them, his dad just behind him running to catch up

This little guy was so cute.


He kept saying, “I do it.” He would point to the huge cliff face where he could see some   climbers inching their way up. His daddy was racing to catch up and redirected him back, there were headed the other direction.

Little guy leaves the path and heads for the big rock.

He was determined to go,”Up there,” he kept telling his dad.

No sooner than his dad had him headed in the same direction the other way on the walk way, the little guy turned and took off again, at full speed and was on his way to bolt over the fence and join the climbers.

Once again his hopes of being the  youngest climber ever on these rocks were dashed by his dad who only had the little tyke’s best interests in mind. I’m sure he wanted see his little dare-devil make it to at least his next birthday. I’m not sure he had reached two, yet. He was such a happy boy, his joy of life bubbling over.

Remember being two? I do have two distinct memories from when I was about a year and a half old. Young enough I saw everything in black and white. When I was just past two I remember seeing colors of certain things, a red hibiscus with its bright yellow fuzzy stamen  and my doll with yellow hair and a blue dress.

Oh…is this a primary color thing? Now I wonder if those are the first colors we see or are those only my first memories of color.

Happy day tomorrow.




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