216Days #150 High Desert Flowers

Desert Flower Buds on a tall spike brave high elevation and extreme weather

This high desert flower is not one I am familiar with.

On first glance this appears to be a dried stalk of flowers. It was just one whose buds had not bloomed out. I liked the bronze color against the soft greens.

Plum colored buds begin to swell

The plum colors of this plant were like a delicate water-color.

This plant was so pretty with its almost ivory buds delicately colored on tiny brush stroke at a time in the soft plum color.

A variation in the colors brought soft green with burnished rose color

The soft green version had the burnished rose color lightly brushed on each flower.

The rain drops from an earlier shower glisten in the sun. The delicate color palette of this plant was charming.

Ivory variation with soft green and pink tints

The ivory variation of these buds is delicately tinged with the softest of celery green and tipped with light pink.

The delicate pastel colors in this particular plant are so soft and pleasing. Celery green with a tinge of pale pink and accented with a sprinkle of rain drops is delicious.

A Close up of the ivory and plum variation are accented by the long slender leaves.

Close up of the ivory and plum-colored blossoms. The spikes of the soft green of the grass add an element of contrast to both the colors and the shapes. Sparkles from rain drops are the perfect embellishment.

These Colorado flowers grow profusely around the bases of the giant rock formations. They with stand blazing heat in the summer, lots of heavy winds and the sub-zero temperatures of the winter. I amazes me that such beauty can thrive in such conditions. It was just a lucky break we were there when these were blooming.

The people all seemed to stay on the paths. No one was cutting through into the natural habitat. Could this sign have been what kept folks on the straight and narrow?

No worries. I'll stay on the path. A sign with a picture of a rattle snake striking was quite enough warning.

The visitors definitely got the message and stayed on the paths. No roaming off the paths and no littering.

This sign kept everyone where they belonged. No cheaters that I saw.

I hope you enjoyed this little nature trip with me. These are all sights at Garden of the Gods and to be fair on the side of the road in Colorado Springs. All photos taken May 2012 Colorado, USA.

Enjoy your week, but watch where your step.




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