200Days #166 Two Roses

A dark pink rose and a light pink rose grow on the same bush. It does not appear grafted.

Two colors of roses on the same bush. It does not appear to be a grafted plant.

Did the remarkable color difference in these two colors of roses sprinkled throughout this bush indicate the age of the bloom? Perhaps it was caused by our extreme on again off again heavy rain with occasional sun breaks on otherwise mostly grey days.

It’s a mystery that was so strikingly beautiful that it really didn’t matter what caused it. I was only happy I came across the beautiful result.

What surprises crossed your path today?





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In a nut-shell (nut-case?): Photographer, illustrator, writer, passionate DIY enthusiast, wife, mother, grandmother. I love learning new things and anything that is creative: sewing upholstery or dresses, painting walls or art, building dolls or walls, cooking and cake decorating, knitting or wiring. By day I am a small manufacturing business owner, operator, partner. I am Totally Random Shez.

6 responses to “200Days #166 Two Roses”

  1. Karen B. Jones says :

    I have Nearly Wild roses, which are only single roses, but they’re the same pink color as these. They start out a nice dark pink and then fade to almost white as the petals get older. It’s a nice variation. 🙂

    • Karen B. Jones says :

      They look like this:

      • Karen B. Jones says :

        Aw… WordPress wouldn’t accept my image tag. 😦 So sad. Here: http://karenbethjones.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/p5220001.jpg

      • Shez says :

        My image tag slipped through somehow. 😀 A word of explanation about it; I wrote a kids book and was doing the illustrations in water color. Got shot down by an editor “too old fashioned, haven’t you even seen our purple dinosaur book? That’s what people want.” Next editor said, “So sweet, but we have a similar project coming out and it would be competition.” Who did I listen to? The one who hated it. I decided to try my hand at digital, but I draw the line at purple dinos, everyone has done that. It’s taken me forever two years…another story there for why. Yesterday I finished page 26 out of 27!!! So excited simply because I DID IT!!!So the explanation is: I chose this crop of one of the pages and vowed to keep it my image tag until I sold the book. It could be there a good long while, me thinks. 😉

      • Shez says :

        Thanks for following my blog. I really appreciate it. I did see the link on my email and got to check it out. Beautiful.

    • Shez says :

      The roses are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

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