195Days #171 Pond Grass

The ten foot tall pond grasses have gone to seed and they glow in the sunlight.

The pond grasses seed heads glow in the sunlight.

The pond grasses that have taken hold at the edge of the pond are quite spectacular. They grow upward of ten feet and these have delicate seeds forming. The seeds glow in the light of the sun and dance spectacularly in the wind, changing directions in unison.

As the seeds ripen they become favorite food for the ducks. The ducks jump up and grab a stem. As they pull it down they work their way along it with their bill until they get the tip down three to four feet above the water. If they have duckling the little fuzzy balls jump and grab the tip, pulling it into the water where they all feast on the prize.

Other times the duck will find a stem and simply push it over at the base and then bee line for the water to eat their treasure. The ducks are wild mallards that hang out here. Last year a young male and female were hatched too late to make the winter migration. They stayed here all winter. Fortunately it was a mild winter and we put out duck food for them, which kept them fed.

More about ducks tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.






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