193Days #173 Shopping Cart

An old and battered  shopping cart appears under the wharf when the tide goes out.

Shopping Cart

This little river feeds into the Pacific Ocean a few hundred yards down stream. When the tide is out this old shopping cart is displayed mired in the mud under the wharf. Who would think it funny to steal a shopping cart and throw it in the river, only to have it appear twice a day when the tide is out. What a sad reminder of the mess humans create as they destroy nature.

Perhaps this cart was blown from the store parking lot in one of the impressive winds that the coast can conjure up. I have seen the wind blow shopping carts into parked cars, light posts and send them careening down the street. Maybe this eyesore is a casualty  of some long ago storm. The remains left to rust and sink deeper into the mud as it slowly rusts away.

Or was this abandoned shopping cart left by a careless mermaid? Perhaps she used it to pick up Japanese fishing floats, or beautiful sea anemones or perhaps shells. Though this part of the coast is not know for large impressive shells, maybe she was hunting for delicate small ones to weave into her hair or sting on a ribbon for a necklace.

Since I am a dreamer by nature, I prefer the last story. What about you? Do your prefer truth, rationalization or a fairy tale? Or do never wonder when you see weird things in strange places?





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2 responses to “193Days #173 Shopping Cart”

  1. pewterbreath says :

    I prefer to think that this is a very adventurous shopping cart on holiday. Who knows, maybe laying in river mud is the height of elegance for a shopping cart tired of constantly coasting the same aisles.

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