191Days #175 Street Photography Cat Girl

Seen on the street a girl dressed like a cat and her friend carrying a tiny bicycle.

Friends: Cat Girl and Girl with a tiny bicycle

I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone this year and have taken to doing some street photography. There are so many faces in a crowd or interesting people walking on the street. If I catch someone’s eye or I happen upon an interesting shot, I ask if it is okay to take their photo. So far they have all been very happy that I do. If the photo would not identify the people such as these two walking ahead of me, I just take the shot and do not interrupt them to ask if they mind.

When I saw these two friends, the girl in the cat hat brushed by me as she passed with her friend. They were very engrossed in a happy conversation. I did get a quick photo of Cat Girl’s hat. But the really interesting shot was these two friends, each with their own completely different style. The contrast was striking. Then I noticed the tiny bicycle the one girl is carrying. That adds to my curiosity of this scene.

Could they be going to a birthday party for a child? Is Cat Girl a performer? Does she ride the little bike doing tricks for the children? Is the little bike a gift? Sometimes I think I wonder too much and my imagination knows no bounds.

For tonight I hope you find wonder in your world tomorrow.





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