175Days #191 Patient Fisherman

A great blue heron is a keen and patient fisherman who waits, strikes and eats.

The great blue heron flew in for breakfast this morning. After much patient stalking and waiting he snagged a three-inch long silver-colored fish.

This photo is from last year, but the heron comes often this time of year. It remains motionless for so long and then cautiously steps closer before the strike of his long beak. This morning rewarded him with a small silver-colored fish. A tiny tidbit for this large bird. Too bad he doesn’t let them grow up, they might produce food in abundance. This morning’s score heron= +1;  pond = 1 less with few if any left.

I was surprised to see the female mallards completely ignore him. In the spring he spells doom for the baby ducklings and the mothers are justly terrified of him. Today one of the females actually came up close and the big guy lifted off to get away from her, but came back down. She went on about her business and he ignored her.

Sorry, I ran out of time to share this morning’s photos and as you can see this is one I took last year. Today he spent his time in the lily pads. For a while he blended in so well with the surroundings only his long beak and his eyes stood out, but then for a few minutes the sun came through the trees and created  dynamic white edge light not unlike the magic even light. Because he was facing east, this highlighted his chest feathers.

I know, I know, that is bad form; a photography nut is supposed to show NOT tell. I could totally do that if there were about 6 additional hours available daily. That would be awesome!!







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