167Days #199 Water-Glass

A simple water glass with melted ice water distorts the tiles on the wall.

A simple water-glass.

Even a simple water-glass has a story to tell. The ice has melted, but it shows the water is cold because of the condensation on the sides is dense enough it runs in rivulets. It is a simple glass, so it was not used in a formal setting.  It reflects the light. The diamond pattern of the tiles on the wall become squeezed together when viewed through the distortion of the curvature of the glass. It is less than half full. Someone recently drank from this glass as is evidenced by the high line of the condensation when compared to the water line. Hummm,  what did they do with the body?

That is tonight’s mystery.




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In a nut-shell (nut-case?): Photographer, illustrator, writer, passionate DIY enthusiast, wife, mother, grandmother. I love learning new things and anything that is creative: sewing upholstery or dresses, painting walls or art, building dolls or walls, cooking and cake decorating, knitting or wiring. By day I am a small manufacturing business owner, operator, partner. I am Totally Random Shez.

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