165Days #201 Glass Table Top

An outdoor glass topped table does many things including reflecting the gorgeous view overhead.

So much to see in a glass-topped patio table.

This one photo shows so many ways glass plays a role in our lives. This is a coffee table in our deck gazebo. Tonight Sweet Hubs and I were outdoors eating dinner and listening to thunder rolling across the heavens. It was warm and comfortable. My glance fell on the table top. I realized this view shows many faces of glass.

It is the table top to set dinner, or drinks, or the newspaper, or newspaper, or mosquito torches ON the glass.

The table top that reveals the wicker of the table, the shelf  beneath holding the newspaper, and the carpet below; all items that can all be seen THROUGH the glass.

The table top also reflects the muted white clouds and tree tops from above as it acts as a MIRROR made of glass.

The shadows of the oil candles create interesting patterns in the REFLECTIONS seen in the glass.

And across the edge of the table the eye can see the decking, the railing, the steps and the flower pots BEYOND the glass.

This fifth vision of glass and the previous two visions were taken the day they were posted. They were all taken with my cell phone and emailed to myself. That allowed me time to simply crop, resize and convert to web ready in only a few minutes. Well, perhaps 15 minutes or so. It’s not quite the 5 minutes but still in a manageable time frame. It also has held me to two or three photos a day, which also works into the minimal time frame.

Did you find a new way to look at something today?




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