161Days #205.1 Make Up Dam

Where I counted the two photos from yesterday as two posts, it really only was one and WordPress kept me honest by simply letting me know I have not actually posted all 205 posts. So this one is the make-up post. Since it is a make up post, I hope I have a nifty photo on my computer that I can send. It’s a bit late at 11:20 pm to be creative and sneak in a new photo taken and edited tonight. I have a great one from an earlier excursion late spring last year when a record rain and warm created a huge snow melt and Bonneville Dam had all its gates wide open. The water was incredible and at least 20 feet higher on the land than I had ever seen it. It was impressive. I’ll post that as a good counter point to the stream with the tiny waterfall posted a bit earlier tonight.

Bonneville Dam with the roaring Columbia River at near flood stage.

Sweet Hubs and our grandson brace themselves against the wind as the boiling Columbia rages past.

There are usually fishermen sitting on the rocks well below this fishing spot. The metal rods beside my guys are to hold fishing poles. No one was fishing this day, the current was so swift,  the waves so turbulent and the rush so powerful that holding a fish in this current would have been impossible. The roar of the water was deafening, it was impossible to talk and be heard. No actual conversation could be spoken. This is when you almost can comprehend the power of water.

I will leave you with that thought.




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