161Days #205 Water: Stream and Falls

A small stream with a little waterfall meanders through the woods.

A mountain stream through the forest.

Cell phone photos in dim light are not always perfect, but you do get the idea of water moving over a small waterfall (please ignore the obvious moving hands that also created the “moving” rocks. Okay, I know a photographer cannot blame no tripod in low light on rocks moving, they are just plain blurry. Photographer error #100237. Please report this problem to anyone you want. They won’t listen any more than the folks who send me messages when my computer at work is acting up. Maybe you never get those messages, right? Hahaha.)

Last week it was glass. This week water. I had so much fun thinking of the many uses for glass. I hope this week’s water forces my creative side once more.

This photo reminds me of a spot deep in the woods where the water is cold and clear. Where the air is fresh and pure. Where the only sounds are the bubbling of the water, the breeze in the trees, the songs of the birds and the chatter of the squirrels. And it was except for the cars, the occasional siren and that it is in our yard. We were home. But when the weather’s nice we always stay outdoors most of the day pretending we are in some calm and peaceful forest somewhere.

What calm and peaceful place might you have been to this weekend?




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