156Days #210 Dropping in for Breakfast

The heron drops by for breakfast. Anything that moves in the water is his prey.

Dropping in for Breakfast

The graceful herons have long been characterized as beautiful and make lovely embellished statutes, etchings and paintings and appear on ancient Chinese porcelain and silks.

To me it is not much more than an eating machine . Some days I think this bird is actually quite grotesques with it long legs, neck and beak. It displays patience as it silently stalks its prey. Then a lightening speed grab with that long beak and it has another victim. It eats pretty much any living thing. Pollywogs, water dogs, fish, koi, frogs, birds, ducklings, and mice and shrews coming for a drink; no moving thing is safe.

It hunts from the trees, from the fringe of the water and from the deeper parts. It hunts were there is a tiny ripple in the water or a little flash of color. They come back day after day, filling up on all the creatures. Once every water creature is gone he finds another pond to dine at. The heron is the original master of dine and dash.

But I still can’t get enough photos of him or her.





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