154Days #212 At the Airport #1

Some kind of wall sculpture seen at PDX.

Is this art or Sculpture?

Interesting items adorn airports; a curving vertical rail road track that goes nowhere at DIA, Denver, a bronze statue of John Wayne in LAX, Los Angeles; and in Portland at PDX there is this interesting wall installation. I can’t tell if it is made of paper or dried plant material. It looks as though it is made of natural products unlike made of plastic or metal. It displays a lot of interesting shadows, lines and shapes. Off white and black is the entire color scheme with a hint of soft browns in some of the items.

My plan this week is to share various elements of this piece or more accurately the many pieces that make up the work. I think you photographers will be captivated with the artistic impressions it brings to mind, but I have no idea of what it is, what it represents, or what the materials are. There was no plaque listing any information about this wall.

What do you see in this part of the piece?




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