148Days #218 The PDX Wall

A view of the wall where all the interesting structures hang.

The PDX Wall Sculpture or Art Installation or 3D Mural.

Here you finally get to see the best I could do to get the entire wall into one photo. As you can see, each object is different, though they all have similar properties. All appear to be made from some type of dried plant material. The colors range from a soft cream to light tan to medium soft browns to a dark rich nearly black-brown. Most have spikes/sticks/un-hollow straws or reeds painted black inserted into them.  Those with the soft shades of the spectrum are edged in black and some had black beads in the centers of the forms.

It was more reminiscent of underwater things than land creatures. Some of the most interesting items I could not get close enough to capture a photo because it was too high on the wall, or too far away. This encompasses one large two-story high wall and continues on to the adjacent wall, which is also two stories tall. Not average 8 foot high ceilings, but ten or twelve-foot ceilings.

I could find no informational plaque telling anything about this installation. It was interesting and had its own appeal to me. Although, I must admit, that while I came back to take photos and people riding the escalator down to this floor could clearly see what I was capturing, not one stepped away as they got off the elevator to get a look at this piece. In fact standing and watching everyone on the escalator, I did not see anyone actually look at this.

My first questions remain unanswered, “What is this, what does it represent, what are the materials used and who created this piece?”

Please let me know what you think.




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