142Days #224 Bee of a Different Stripe

These little bees are non-stop. They are nearly round, very small, completely non-agresssive little bees. The have three stripes on their little bodies and they can be blue, orange or yellow. This year I did not see any of the blue ones, last year we saw very few at all.

They seem to love some yellow bulb flowers, the miniature pink strawberry flowers and the very fragrant Ceanothus.

Small round bee with orange stripe

The friendly little bee with the orange stripe.

Since I did not know what kind of bee this is, I did some research. It is listed as an Unknown Bee and was photographed in Canby, Washington County, Oregon. That is a very few miles from where we live. This little guy never stops moving and is very hard to photograph. I was pleased with the perfect clear wing, but it was windy enough that the hairs on his tiny furry body  are not as clear as I would have liked.

They are excellent pollinators unfortunately we saw many fewer of them this spring as in past springs. The heavy rain and delayed the blooming season this year by at least six weeks. I hope that did not upset their numbers. The good news on the bee front is we did see more honey bees this year than in the past.

Have any of you seen this little bee? Would you happen to know what variety it is?




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