134Days #232 Mt. Hood

Today we took a drive up Mt Hood to fish on one of the high lakes. We can see Mt Hood off in the distance on any clear day, unless there are trees or buildings in the way. It is always a beautiful sight. We look forward to seeing the first snow fall each year and not quite sure what to do about the uncovered ruggedness we see in the late summer when the snow pack has melted and provided us with water and electricity with the run off.

Some say this is an extinct volcano, but often we see whisks of white steam at the top of the mountain. It appears at the top like a white cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky. Today there was a faint drift of cloud across the peak. On the trip up we are treated to the view of the west side of the mountain.

The first close range view of Mount Hood is of the west side as we approach from the west.

This is the first close up view we get as we approach from the west. We have just come around a large curve in the highway, a past a place where the guard rail presents a view out over the tree tops.

The dissipating steam looks more like a bad job with the paint tool in Photoshop. In truth it is the actual halo of steam or cloud that is often seen at the top. Today it was more spread-out and misty than often when it is a well-defined cloud.

Another view of the western flanks of Mount Hood.

Another view of the western flanks of Mount Hood as we wind closer.

Another view of the west side.

Another view of the west side.

As close as the road goes on the west side.

The west side view just before we get to Government Camp.

Just a tiny bit farther we come to Government Camp. Today there was a huge cycling event and the parking lot at Government Camp was full of vehicles with bike rack on the top or on the back. From this parking lot there is a great shot of Mt. Hood and the trails to the ski runs, this time of year they are hiking/biking trails. I was not able to get the last photo of the western flank do to the crowds. It is a bit closer, but not as pretty as this photo.

Tonight I close with the west side of Mt Hood.








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4 responses to “134Days #232 Mt. Hood”

  1. Tuxedo Sophisticated Cat says :

    I always love the view of Mt. Hood.

    • Shez says :

      Many vantage points to see it on our way home from work. It is always a great sight and a perfect place to spend hours with nature.

  2. pewterbreath says :

    My favorite mountain–from Portland the view of Mount Hood shows up like an unexpected meeting of an old friend.

    • Shez says :

      Yes, we Oregonians love our mountains. At work Mr Hood it is a mere 100 yards to a beautiful vantage point across a wet lands area. I go there often throughout the year to take “just one more photo.”

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