135Days #231 Crater Lake Oregon USA

Crater Lake OR photo taken from the rim

Crater Lake taken from the rim.

This crystal clear lake sits in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is such a magnificent sight it is a National Park. Due to its altitude and the snowfall in the area the roads to it are only open from sometime in usually in June until the snow fall in October. Some years it has a shorter open season other years longer. Sweet Hubs and I were fortunate to visit in September of 2006 on a clear, warm, windy, sunny day. Even though it was windy at the top of the rim, the lake was smooth enough to provide a perfect mirror image of the rim.

These photos have been locked up on one of my computers for several years, tonight I was able to download them onto a flash drive and for the first time ever, I am able to share this one.

Rather than try to remember all the facts, I  just looked them up and am doing a copy paste here:

  • Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States
  • The second deepest lake in the Western Hemisphere
  • The seventh deepest lake in the world
  • Maximum lake depth: 1932 feet
  • Average lake depth: 1500 feet
  • Maximum lake width: 6 miles
  • Lake surface elevation: 6176 feet
  • Wizard Island elevation: 6940 feet
  • Wizard Island height above water: 764 feet
  • Hillman Peak, highest point on rim: 8151 feet
  • Mount Scott, highest point in park: 8929 feet
  • Union Peak: 7709 feet
  • Rim Village elevation: 7100 feet
  • Precipitation, yearly average: 66 inches
  • Snowfall, yearly average: 44 feet
  • Maximum snow depth at Park Headquarters: 21 feet
  • Park Size: 183224 acres

The walls of the rim down into the lake are very steep, there are no paths down to the water. It is best to watch you step at the top of the rim because there is loose gravel and soil and the walls are nearly vertical. From the rim you look down on the top of trees that are 150 feet or more high. It is awesome enough that everyone seems to give it the respect it deserves.

It is a beautiful place.




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  1. Xandré Verkes says :

    Wow!!! This is stunning!!! & great info along with it!!! Really very beautiful!!! 🙂 **

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