133Days #233 Mt Hood From a Mountain Lake

Here are two more photos from yesterday’s trip to Timothy Lake. Did I mention that the weather was perfect, the fishing was calm and peaceful, and the catching or even nibbling by fish was non-existent?

There is one view point for Mt Hood from the lake.

As we toured the lake by boat, we could see Mt Hood peeking over a ridge of trees.

The wind came up as we were going around the lake. The wind makes it very hard to fish even for an experienced fisherman, for the two children on board it would be impossible. We spotted a quiet cove where a finger of land jutted into the lake protecting the cove from the wind. We headed toward the cove.

From the cozy fishing cove we could see our picnic area.

Our picnic area is on the far side of the lake. This is a rather large lake and the head waters of the Clackamas River.

From where we anchored the boat we could see back across the lake to the picnic sight  and adjacent boat ramp. It shows up in this photo as a spot of light above  the word area int the caption of this photo.

This leaning fir-tree and the snag in the water were such a strange sight. The 45 degree tree is growing and healthy looking. What story accompanies its predicament and precarious hold on life?

When we could see white caps forming in the main lake we decided it was time to call it a day. As our son began to pull up the anchor the wind caught an empty plastic bag and blew it into the lake. The kids were horrified, we could not litter this beautiful lake. “Quick, quick, we have to catch that bag,” was repeated urgently. That is when we discovered the anchor was stuck tight on something 30 feet below the surface. After much pulling, starting the boat and circling the rope  and then backing up boat up from the opposite side, the anchor finally popped free.

In the mean time, the kids 6 and 11 were begging their dad to hurry with the anchor. We had to catch that white bag. The anchor was in the boat and many feet of rope lay tangled on the floor of the boat, but we headed full speed ahead back into the swells to grab the bag. Their dad lay out across the bow and directed his dad in sliding in for the capture and making sure the motor did not get tangled by the bag.

A cheer went up when the bag was snagged on the first attempt and we headed back across the lake to the boat ramp. It was a great day!!




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