132Days #234 Mt Hood’s Eastern Flank

View of the East side of Mt. Hood.

The Eastern side of Mt Hood.

As we headed home, we caught a few brief glimpses of Mt. Hood’s eastern flanks as we wound down the highway.

Getting closer to the mountain, we catch another shot of the east flanks of Mt. Hood.

We are climbing back up toward the top, this time looking at the eastern flank of Mt. Hood.

We have traveled back and forth across the mountain for many years. At this point we actually can be ready for the good shots as we approach the summit before heading down again to the valley where we life.

The clear shot of the east side of Mt. Hood just before we get to the summit.

The last sighting before the road turns back into the forest and takes us to the summit. The dark blue between the mountain and the trees is actually a heavy stand of fir trees that stop at the tree line.  The late afternoon shadows in the trees create the illusion of the dark area being dark blue.

People climb this mountain every year. It can be warm and sunny but a cold wind can change everything in an instant. You will notice the steam mist from the morning photos has disappeared. Has the giant gone back to sleep once more?

Besides hiking, there is generally year round snowing on these slopes. Some summers the snow pack comes late and leaves early, which is exactly what happened this year. Other years the mountain has many feet of snow covering the glaciers.




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