131Days #235 Sails, Petals and Leaves

Here are three rather random photos from this week. I though each was quite pretty. I hope you enjoy them also.

A sail boat on Timothy Lake Mt Hood Oregon USA

The breeze and sun made this a perfect day for sailing. Capturing the boat between the trees reinforces that it is sailing on a high mountain lake on the slopes of Mt Hood, Oregon, USA.

Back at home I took two photos of two plants with unusual characteristics. The first is a white hydrangea.

The white hydrangea blossoms age by turning bright lime green.

The aging blossoms of a white hydrangea are lime green.

The unique characteristic of the white hydrangea is the way it changes color as it ages. The blossoms start out white, then slowly become tinged with pink, then with red and finally they turn bright lime green. The red blush continues to shade the petals as the entire blossom head begins to dry in this gorgeous new color, unlike most flowers that simply turn brown and fall.

And the second is some type of Chinese shrub Sweet Hubs bought because he loved the color or the leaves. He bought three for the front garden. They grew so huge, he moved two to different spots because one was all that would fit in the front garden.

Hairy burgundy leaves with hot pink pom-pom flowers.

The primarily dark burgundy leaves give in each to share the space with some of the older leaves taking on a green hue.

The unique qualities of the this plant are many. For one the leaves are hairy, the plant is evergreen but only shows off any green for a few weeks each summer. The hot pink pom-pom blossoms bloom at least once each year in full profusion, but the blooms can happen at any time of the year. It blooms several times a year. This is its third blooming this year though this is a sparse bloom. It sometimes blooms in mid winter in the snow. In June this year it was completely covered in blooms. Unfortunately it does not create as nice a photo as does this one where there are only a few blooms. The new growth leaves with turn dark burgundy as do all the leaves when the weather gets cold.





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