122Days #244 Two-Thirds Complete

Of course the two-thirds mark should have been set last Friday. But life being what it is, we often must make choices. This time grandkids, Sweet Hubs and time for us, us and me, took precedence over blogging. I might try to make up the missing days by posting one in the morning and one in the evening, but then again I might not. Time will tell. In the meantime I found so many rich sights this weekend, I don’t know exactly where to begin.

Here are two I took at home last Friday. So these are from the beginning of the long weekend before the we left home for our day trip. Before grandson was here to work on the movie and granddaughter was here to be creative with art.

Chinese Dogwood Seed Pods Seem to reach for the sky.

Chinese Dogwood Seed Pods reach for the sky, where most tree seed pods tend to hang down.

Chinese Seed pods in silhouette.

Same day, from the opposite side the lighting provided such a different look and color scheme.

I know we have been following these pods for some time, but it does always surprise me how different they can look simply because of the light. I promise no more photos of these pods at least this year, they are beginning to fall from the tree. However,  a couple of photos from this past spring to compare to the view in the fall when the leaves are a gorgeous red, might be in order in a month or two.

Talk to you soon.





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In a nut-shell (nut-case?): Photographer, illustrator, writer, passionate DIY enthusiast, wife, mother, grandmother. I love learning new things and anything that is creative: sewing upholstery or dresses, painting walls or art, building dolls or walls, cooking and cake decorating, knitting or wiring. By day I am a small manufacturing business owner, operator, partner. I am Totally Random Shez.

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