120Days #246 Fly By

While I was focused on taking a photo of the lake a large bird flew swiftly past.Four days ago I posted a photo of Rock Creek Reservoir ( you can see the photo here: http://wp.me/p26SoR-v2. ) It was while I was framing the photo that I heard the flap of wings from a large bird. I quickly whirled around to catch a glimpse of a large bird passing perhaps 7 feet out from me but quickly gaining altitude. I noticed a flash of white and managed to shoot this. I could tell by the size and the white head and tail it was a Bald Eagle. Never had I seen one so close.

He quickly headed out over the lake and this was what I was sure was my last shot.

Bald Eagle sours out over the lake.I was excitedly calling my husband to tell him it was a Bald Eagle but I got only two shots and neither was impressive. He told me not to worry, that it would probably circle over the lake and be back by again. But it was not my lucky day and I caught just a peek of him as he flew out of sight behind a stand of trees.

Tune in tomorrow at what I saw next…





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