112Days #254 Vine Maple First Day of Fall

Our trip up the mountain on Saturday provided hundreds of photo ops. Here are my favorites of the vine maple series. As we drove down into the lower elevations of the mountain and into the forests, the red and yellow leaves of the vine maple began to color the edges of the forest. The soft colors enriching the landscape.

The vine maple begins to turn red

There were places where the beginning of fall color was sneaking into the scenery.

The vine maple is red, the grass has dried to golden

The soft colors of early fall, it was day one of fall and the shades of red against the soft gold of dried grass created an exceptionally pretty pallet.

As we dropped lower yet, the reds of the vine maples increased and the greens of the forest gave way to some meadows of golden grass.

Shades of yellow to coral with red tinges herald the arrival of fall.

The symphony of colors with shades of yellow, coral and red announce the arrival of fall.

This closer view of some of the leaves reveals the delicate shadings as the colors turn green which faintly show up in the center of a at least one of these leaves.

Red vine maple leaves are a stark contrast to a very clear blue sky

The intense blue of the sky with the brilliant red of the vine maple looks like an overdone bit of PhotoShop. In truth, the only process in PhotoShop was a crop to cut out some of the sky.

This photo needs a warning to please put on your sun glasses before viewing. The colors are actually this brilliant.

Stunning Vine Maple leaves show off their red fall foliage

Stunning Vine Maple leaves show off their red fall foliage.

This is my favorite photo in this series. The back light from the sun set off the colors perfectly and the deep green trees in the background make this my favorite shot of the vine maple yesterday, the first day of fall.

Do you have a favorite in this series and why or why don’t you like any of the photos. Feed back from you readers is important to me. Constructive critiques are helpful in the process of  learning. Don’t hesitate to add you two cents worth.






Taken in the lower elevation on the east side of Mt Hood. The sun was a couple of hours past noon. This would be close to the 45th parallel so the sun comes in at an angle. The angle of the sun added its own element to create this shot.


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