106Days #260 Along the Way

We passed fields dotted with massive old oak trees

The fields rolled past as we left the city for the beauty of the farm lands. The fields were dotted with massive old old trees. The looked like the farmers from the beginning had carefully till the land leaving the massive trees undisturbed.

It was a drive through the beauty of early fall. This area not only grows lots of hay, there are acres of landscape trees growing in rows and the area is quickly becoming one of our larger wine producing areas. There are dozens of vineyards along the way, all with beautiful tasing rooms overlooking the hillsides and the grapes.

A barn and a farmhouse share the shade of a circle of oaks.

A barn and a farmhouse share the shade of a circle of oaks.

We turned off the main road and onto a gravel road. We went past this farm where the fields have been freshly tilled. They are ready for another planting or perhaps they will lie fallow until the spring. I would think a winter crop to keep the fields from washing away in rivulets of mud is the plan. Only the area by the barn shows is covered in dry grass.

A giant sprinkler waters the young landscape trees.

The giant sprinkler waters massive quantities of young landscape trees.

The sight was stunning, however Sweet Hubs had been not exactly thrilled about our fresh clean car being covered with dust from the road was now eyeing the sprinkler. As we got closer to the farm he was right, the road turned from dusty and lightly gravelled to mud. No matter how slowly he drove, he couldn’t avoid pot holes. The mud flew with every bounce, then we where hit by the mist from the sprinkler.

We arrived at the parking area and all the vehicles looked like mud buggies. As we got out of the car all thoughts of mud evaporated as the surrounding view envelopped us in its beauty.



PS In the game of “Catch-Up” this is 1 down, 16 still to go to be on target!! That will be two posts a day until October 10th. I can do it.


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