84Days #282 Flowers of a Different Hue

A plant with green flowers and sage leaves

Flowers of a different hue, a teal green with sage green leaves, a beautiful sight.

Isn’t it odd how we are so programmed to know the color things are to be. We know tomatoes are red, but my tomatoes are green inside when they are sweet and ripe. Why should we question the color of flowers when they are such a pretty green with blue centers? If green tomatoes exist, why too can’t green flowers not exist?

In this case, they don’t actually. This is a Photoshop re-colorization. However the actual colors are also not a “real” looking color. A color that we are not trained to believe exists in the flower world. But they caught my eye there were so stunning and we made a special trip back so I could get the photos.

I saw them every morning on the way to work and in the early morning sun the color was eye-poppingly beautiful. But morning after morning we did not want to fight the traffic to find a place to pull in and park so I could go back for the photo. On this day Sweet Hubs was not happy about the delay on the way home until he followed me to see the flowers. He was glad he came to look and agreed they were worth the stop. Even though we missed the great morning lighting I was happy to get the following photo as the sun was low and the flowers were in complete shadow. It rained during the night and for the next several days. It would have been too late for the photo.

Brilliant red flowers, dark grey foliage.

No joke, this is the actual color of the flowers, brilliant red, burgundy buds against dark charcoal grey-brown foliage.

If you compare this photo to the first one you will see that this is the same photograph as the top one. This one has been cropped a bit closer than the first one and is the original, unaltered color of this plant.

Deep scarlet red flowers with dark brown centers and dark grey foliage.

I show this photo with the flowers massed and growing from their grey foliage against a backdrop of a huge green tropical leaf plant.

It is hard to believe, but there is no Photoshop magic in this photo. This is exactly the way the flowers photographed and this is true to color.

Cheers to surprising flowers and foliage,


PS For those who have followed, you know I skipped some blogs recently and am trying to do daily doubles to meet the Dec 31 deadline. I believe that today should show only 70 days left and as you can see, I am at 84.  A post before noon and one in the evening for the next two weeks should take care of it.

It is not for lack of photos, it is for a lack of time to scale the size down and to winnow my selections to only a couple or a few a day. So much beauty to capture, so little time. 😉


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5 responses to “84Days #282 Flowers of a Different Hue”

  1. Robin Koontz says :

    I’d like to know the id on that flowering plant?!! Very cool, and loved your color experiment.

    • Shez says :

      Thank you. I appreciate your comments. I’ll try calling the city to find out. These are in their tiny road side or intersection gardens. The others that I saw were in yellow and peach. All had dark leaves in deep browns, except the grey ones with the red.

      The color experiment came out of trying to tone down the red to show the beautiful detail of the petals. One thing led to another and I thought the teal flowers were pretty cool. 😉

  2. Xandré Verkes says :

    Love the blues!!! So interesting! 🙂 **

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