76Days #290 Spidey and the Web

The garden spider

The Garden Spider spins it’s web.

It’s Halloween and the yards and houses are decorated with ghouls, ghosts, pumpkins, witches and webs with spiders. In celebration I present the real life spiders with the magnificent webs they spin. This is a garden spider, harmless to humans and are a good guest in the garden where their large webs catch many bugs. The spider’s web does get damaged by leafs blowing off a tree, the wind or a bird homing in on “dinner.”

A garden spider repairs his web.

A garden spider repairs his web.

The only reason to try to free the yard from the webs is a strictly personal response after you have just walked into one while watering a plant. If you happen in face first it  covers not just your face but your hair as well. It can completely freak out an arachnid phobe.

Sunlight catches the beauty of the web.

Sunlight catches the beauty of the web.

Do I encourage them to live here? A few are fine, and over population is hundreds. We scoop up the eggs just before they hatch and dispose of them. It leaves the adults, we alway miss some of the egg balls, which assures a return of these busy workers, but leaves the walkways clear for a walk.

Cheers to beautiful craftsmanship,





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