75Days #291 Magical Web

Magical web with bokah


Web with bokah

One more shot of the web.


It was morning and I was out watering the plants when I first saw this web glistening in the back light of the sun, it was about 22 inches in diameter and a colorful striped leg garden spider was in the center. I set the hose down, turned off the water and went in the house to grab my camera. Five minutes later when I returned this was all that was left.

The web was not rebuilt and if the spider was still alive, it would have been back to work within a short time. I suspect a hungry bird was responsible for the destruction and disappearance of the spider. In Spider Land this is their version of Hurricane Sandy.

In no way am I downplaying that tragic event in fact my heart aches for them. What a helpless feeling that would be to have everything you had including loved ones, homes, jobs, neighborhoods completely gone. Where does a person start? A warm, dry place to sleep and food; but where are those two things found when everything for miles is wet and destroyed?

So there are no Cheers today. There are wishes for help, hope and a warm dry place to be with food. Everyone deserves those two necessities



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